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Everything starts from the strategy.
A successful marketing
has its own algorithm

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Our expertise

We create marketing strategies and implement existing ones

We select marketing tools that will help you achieve your goals

Tools we provide

Supervising of the strategy

We carry out marketing activities based
on market research and in-depth data analysis.


We perform strategic supervision over the implementation of advertising campaigns.

Social media

We create dialogue, design content and realize strategic goals.

Ambassador program

We create a loyal community of brand ambassadors,
build a network of recommendations and a base of opinions tailored to the key selling points of your product.

Product seeding

Influencer marketing

We influence the target group, image and brand
awareness by cooperation with SIP, Influencers.


We support the natural discussion of consumers
in the online about the brand, product, service.
We have an impact on the increase of share of voice.

Product Insights Research

Badania Product Insights

About us 

We find the starting point for a conversation about the product, the prepared campaign and the direction of communication. We design ideas that work well in the online and offline.